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About Us


A reputable name in the business, Industrial Hose & Fittings Pty Ltd was founded in 2009, to effectively fulfil the requirements of all types of hoses, fittings & belts to all types of industries. We are distributors of some of the worlds most trusted brands in all categories of hoses and fittings. We have over 40 years experience in the industry and we have earned a desirable reputation among our clients for the quality of service and products we have provided. All our products meet or exceed the required industry standards. Customer satisfaction is our main objective so we always strive for good knowledge, efficient service and on-time delivery.

We set ourselves apart from other industrial hose resellers and dealers by offering products that have indisputable quality, that are reliable, flexible and hard-wearing. We have a professional network that helps us to provide the highest quality products and service to our clients.

About Industrial Hose and Fittings


Our products are sourced from highly regarded manufacturers, which have their own internal manufacturing quality procedures. We then carry out strict quality checks on the final product to guarantee our clients the best quality. The team at Industrial Hose and Fittings Pty Ltd work carefully to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We do our best to understand and assess the requirements of the customers and suitably provide them with the optimum products. At the time of despatch our quality control team inspects and appropriately packages the goods.


What is the hose's Inside Diameter (I.D.) and Outside Diameter (O.D.)? What is the overall length of the hose assembly?


What is the temperature range of the material flowing through the hose? What are the temperature highs and lows of the hose's outside environment?


What is the hose being used for? (hydraulics, venting, suction, discharge, etc.)


What material or substance will flow through the hose assembly? Specific materials (i.e. oil, abrasive, chemical, gases, etc.) often require specific hose design parameters to be sufficiently contained and adequately utilized.


What is the maximum working pressure of your application? Does the pressure level experience surges and/or regular decreases?


What type(s) of fittings are required for the application? (i.e. male or female, pipe thread, jic, metric, angled, etc.) Are the fittings designed for the hose?


When ordering or replacing a hose assembly, when do you require it.